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The article describes the effect of a new biologically active form of selenium on cow’s milk as a dispersed system. The authors developed new methods to stabilize selenium nanoparticles with food additive E433 and studied the physicochemical profile of the fortified milk. The biologically active nanosized form of selenium was studied by transmission electron microscopy. Its effect on the dispersed milk system was assessed by the changes in pH and the average hydrodynamic radius of the milk system on storage day 5. Selenium particles were 52 nm in size. The biologically active selenium had no significant effect on milk components. The resulting functional milk product demonstrated strong antioxidant activity, which exceeded Trolox equivalent by 26 %. In this study, the biologically active nanoselenium was able to integrate into the colloidal system of milk and functionalize it.

milk, selenium, dietary supplements, fortification, antioxidant activity
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