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Strategic planning of socio-economic development is one of the most important state functions. In advanced countries, the modern state represents the interests of the whole society with all its social and age strata. Its actions rely on forecasting the trends in national and global development. The state defines national interests, goals, and development priorities to implement them through strategic plans, programs, projects, and development institutions. The mainstream economic thought does not justify the state intervention into the market. However, the modern practice of public administration has proven the need for strategic planning of socio-economic development as a prerequisite for successful economic growth. The research objective was to identify the methodological foundations of effective strategic planning. It relied on such traditional methods of scientific research as analysis, synthesis, generalization, and comparison. Despite the poor representation of the topic in scientific journals, the author formulated methodological recommendations that can be applied in practice when adjusting public policy.

strategy, strategic planning, investment, competitiveness, priority
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