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Abstract (English):
Congress and exhibition activities are an effective means of promoting scientific and innovative development in institutions of higher education. The present research objective was to identify the main problems of managing congress and exhibition activities at universities. The paper focuses on various problems relevant for technical universities of Saint-Petersburg. It describes the experience of Peter the Great Polytechnic University, Saint-Petersburg Mining University, and the National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics. The author compiled a list of recommendations and principles of management to be used by technical universities when organizing congresses and exhibitions. The proposed model covers different approaches to congress activities, forms of scientific activity, management structure of international services, and regulatory documents. Universities have neither regulatory framework nor separate service responsible for this type of activity. Students, employees, and most academics lack necessary skills in foreign languages and cross-cultural communication. Moreover, they do not get motivational and stimulating support, hence the lack of initiative. Students and academics receive little information about scientific events. Most employees simply do not know how to organize congresses and conferences. This network of problems needs a comprehensive approach.

university, innovation management, scientific and innovative activities, congress, exhibition, management tools
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