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The research objective was to define the relationship between industrial, business, and ethnocultural tourism using the case of the Udmurt Republic. Diversification of tourism industry is a relevant vector of institutional economic development in traditional resource-mining and industrial regions. The main hypothesis is that industrial and agricultural specialization can be developed in Udmurtia as part of the regional economy diversification. The most effective platform for promoting brands and segments of the tourism industry is congress and exhibition activity. The research also featured the current state of industrial tourism strategy development and the effect of cultural brands on the image of the region. Business tourism sector remains underdeveloped in the Udmurt Republic, but its development can be catalyzed by the rich ethnocultural component. The authors used systematic approach to identify the main potential areas of cultural and economic activity of the Udmurt republic. Industrial tourism, as well as congress and exhibition activity, can trigger the economic growth of regional gross product. A wider range of tourist products is bound to improve the quality of local tourism and increase the service sector in the regional economic structure.

industrial tourism, cultural-related tourism, congress and exhibition activities, Izhevsk, tourism product, destination
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