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The article, taking into account the subject of evidence in criminal cases, formulates proposals for operative tactical measures aimed at solving the problems of detection and documenting crimes related to illegal coal mining. Detection and documentation of crimes related to illegal coal mining are considered as two interrelated processes of activity of operative units of economic security and anti-corruption. Detection of crimes related to illegal coal mining is presented as an activity consisting of the following stages: search and receipt of primary operative search information; verification of primary information; targeted operative search for persons who may be witnesses, as well as items and documents that can serve as evidence; realization of materials for operative verification of primary information. The main directions of documenting crimes related to illegal coal mining are also defined. The selected areas of documenting crimes related to illegal coal mining allow for the process of proof in criminal cases. Based on the analysis of the activities of operative units of economic security and anti-corruption, a list of operative search actions that allow solving the problems of detection and documenting crimes related to illegal coal mining is proposed. Consider some of the tactical aspects of carrying out operative search actions.

detection of crimes, solving of crimes, documentation of crimes, operative search action, operational search information
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