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Abstract (English):
The paper clarifies the concepts of "equality", "non-discrimination", and "equal rights" and reveals their constitutional nature. The article owes its theoretical character to the fact that it serves as the basis for further research of practical problems connected with various types of discrimination. The author underlines that in different legal systems principles of non-discrimination and equal rights are construed and manifested in different ways. This is predetermined by the existing traditions, religions, and the model of human rights realized in the society and contained in laws. In the context of increasing globalization, it is of the greatest importance to remember the inadmissibility of criticism of "alien" national legal systems, which can be provoked by their continued "opacity" and specifics of ideology, religion, and society, as well as difficulties in translating legal texts from one language to another. The issues discussed in the present paper are of greatest significance because the matters of discrimination are popular subjects of discussions, debates, and trials in the modern world.

human and civil rights, status of the individual, constitutional principle, principle of equality, harassment, legal system, model of human rights
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