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The paper features the organization of children mental development monitoring as a part of system-integrated approach in psychological and pedagogic support of preschoolers. The authors substantiate the need to develop content and technological aspects of monitoring the mental development of preschool children, which corresponds with the Preschool Education Federal Educational Standard. The authors regard monitoring as a systematic instrument and a key-condition of psychological and pedagogical support of preschoolers in modern kindergartens. The paper introduces an analysis of theoretical approaches to studying substantial characteristics of monitoring of children’s mental development. Monitoring, as opposed to diagnostic, helps to define the statistic view of the result of mental development of children and its dynamics. Monitoring of mental development of children is a systematic instrument which makes it possible to conduct complex studies and evaluate the main directions of mental development of preschoolers. It also helps to examine the criteria of development, as well as children’s individual achievements in the context of their morphofunctional abilities and social situation. The authors analyzed various ways of diagnosing criteria of children’s mental development and the social situation in a kindergarten group. The paper introduces statistic data of the results of experimental testing of a monitoring program of children’s mental development in kindergartens of Novokuznetsk. The effective use of monitoring of children's mental development is provided by the professional competence of teaching staff. In addition, there must be a network interaction of kindergartens to implement the system of psychological and pedagogical support of children.

psychological and pedagogical support, preschool age, kindergarten, social situation of development, monitoring study, diagnostic component
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