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Engineered the technology of production of meringue using complex additive based on puffing pearl barley (6 %) and egg shell powder (2 %). Determined the effect of the additive on temperature distribution in the product during the process of baking. The samples were baked at a temperature of 100 ºC until solids content of 96 %. Revealed that the additive did not have a significant effect on temperature distribution in the surface layer of the meringue, while differences in the distribution of the temperature are more pronounced in the deeper layers of the samples. Noteworthy that heat conductivity of the proposed additive is higher in comparison with the mass of the foam. The result of addition of the additive to technology of the meringue is the fact that baking time shortened to 12,5 %, contributing to energy conservation and intensification of production.

Air semi-finished product, blasted pearl barley, eggshell powder, baking time
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Исследование влияния комплексной добавки на термообработку воздушного полуфабриката

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