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Abstract (English):
The current stage of economic development can be characterized by such a phenomenon as regionalization, the main task of which is to identify the identity of the population (society), which lives in a particular area (region). In this regard, there is a need to determine the basic point of regionalization, namely the essence of the region. The region unites in itself the totality of the social, economic, political and other relations that arise between people living on the corresponding territory (region). In recent years, there has been a whole system of perceptions that characterize the region. They can be grouped according to scientific paradigms: 1) region as a quasi-state; 2) region as a quasi-corporation; 3) region as the market; 4) region as society; 5) region as a unit of administrative-territorial arrangement; 6) region as a territory; 7) region as space; 8) the region as a system. Within each of the listed paradigms, coordinates can be defined, according to which strategies, plans and development programs can be developed.

region, paradigm, planning, strategic planning, system, territory, space
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