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The article features the main goal of sustainable development and gives the essence, purpose, principles of implementation of the «National Strategy of Education for Sustainable Development». The following tasks facing the Russian education can be enumerated in the light of sustainable development: to help educators acquire the knowledge that would enable them to include sustainable development issues in the subjects they teach; to ensure the availability of training tools and teaching aids for students; to promote scientific research in the field of education for sustainable development, etc. The author of the current paper comes to the conclusion that in Russiaeducational activities for sustainable development are mostly of a local nature, have a small amount of resources and cannot drastically change the situation at the system level of the whole country. The change in the situation with education for sustainable development, in the author’s opinion, is possible with the implementation of a number of organizational and pedagogical measures, such as: development of methodological support; development of a system of elective courses, extracurricular courses; creation of a system of training and retraining of teachers and methodologists; preparation and publication of educational and methodological literature, etc. The conclusion is that successful elements and examples of good practice at all levels of the organization of education for sustainable development can be found at the current level of Russian education. A systematic support on the scale of the whole country will lead to a signifi progress in reaching out to all possible groups of students in the programs of education for sustainable development.

sustainable development, objectives of education, science education, the implementation of requirements, activities in education
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