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Brief information-review provides an analysis of the textbook for students of higher educational institutions, authorized by Ministry of Agriculture to study "Foods of plant origin" and "Foods of animal origin" by N.B. Gavrilova, M.P. Schetinin - "Technology of milk and dairy products: traditions and innovations," Moscow, Colossus, 2012, 544 p.

Ключевые слова:
Dairy raw materials, methods of processing, range of dairy products

The authors of the textbook – famous Russian scientists of dairy industry –Natalja B. Gavrilova (Professor of the Department of Food and Biotechnology, Omsk State Agrarian University after P.A. Stolypin, Hon. Worker HS RF) and Michail P. Schetinin (Head of the Department of Food Production, Altai State Technical University after I.I.Polzunov and now a senator of the Federal Assembly of the Altai Territory) in accordance with the standard program for special disciplines for higher schools "Technology of milk and dairy products", of specialty standard 260303 managed to fit a huge file information on the complete range of products from raw milk on 544 pp. (44, 20 conv. printer’s sheets). The book has an attractive design, good type. It is neatly filed.

Substantial portion includes seven (7) chapters (essentially parts), preface of the authors, introduction, conclusion and the reference list with the space for notes. Each chapter within the intellectual training ends with control questions and tasks. In general, the material in its form and substance matches to the XXI century brand textbooks, adopted in Russia.

In the preface and introduction, the authors outlined their position on the issue of the textbook, the contribution of predecessors and industry achievements. For example, they formulated the theme of food nanotechnologies related to dairy science. Students and industry professionals are to understand and accept it as an axiom for the modernization of technology of dairy products.

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