Retraction policy


The Editors of the Bulletin of Kemerovo State University adhere to the following retraction policy:

The editors can retract a published article to inform the readers that the article contains faulty / unreliable data, plagiarisms, an unreported conflict of interests, or doubling, i.e. if new information has been revealed that can affect the interpretation of the published data or recommendations on their use.

Therefore, an article can be retracted if the Editors found out that

  • the article violates the ethics of scientific publishing;
  • the author(s) published one and the same data or manuscript in several journals without a serious reason, authorization, or cross reference;
  • the bulk of the article was copied prom a previously published work by a different author;
  • if the article contains invalid data, be it the result of a deliberate violation, miscalculation, experimental error, or misprint.

Retraction can be initiated by authors, readers, reviewers, editors, and other publishers by officially appealing to the Editorial Board. An expertise conducted by the Editorial Board can also trigger a retraction procedure.

If the Editorial Board failed to answer a retraction claim from the author within 10 days, the author is free to appeal to the Society of Science Editors and Publishers.

If the Editorial Board decides to retract the article based on the violations mentioned above, the corresponding author is sent a notification that explains the reasons for the retraction. The final decision takes into account the explanation given by the author. Should the author fail to respond within 10 days, the Editors are free to retract the publication without the author’s concern. Irrespective of the fact whether the authors accept the standpoint of the editorial board or not, the retraction is an abiding procedure.

The retraction protocol is sent to the corresponding author, the Society of Science Editors and Publishers, eLIBRARY.RU, and CUBERLENINKA e-libraries. A retraction note, which states its reason and date, is published both in paper and online versions of the Journal. After that, the article will be marked as RETRACTED in all reference databases. Retracted articles are excluded from all citation indices and reference lists and do not affect electronic calculations of one’s personal scientific achievements.

After the retraction procedure has been completed, the Editorial Board retains the right not to accept other manuscripts submitted by the author(s) in question for a certain period.

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