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Lung cancer (LC) is leading oncological pathology, posing a serious threat for patient’s lives. Accordingly to World Health Organization (WHO) 2,1 million of new cases and 1,8 of deaths are annually registered. It was accumulated a lot of information about significant influence of smoking on increased risk of LC development. 80-90% of patients with LC are namely smokers. However at present time it was registered increased level of mortality from this pathology among non-smoking patients [1]. LC formation in non-smoking individuals can occur due to environmental pollution by industrial and household cancerogens and also because of molecular and genetical and cytogenetical dissimilarities. Since LC development can be associated with anomalous immunological response, immune genes can be considered as potential biological markers [2]. Objective: To assess the influence of polymorphic variants of innate immunity genes on LC development in non-smoking patients.

lung cancer, non-smoking patients, genetical polymorphism, immune genes
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