Kvint Vladimir

Academic degree
doctor of economic sciences
Science rang
professor, ,
academician, Russian Academy of Sciences
Academic rank
Honored Fellow of Higher Education of the Russian Federation ,
Annual Lomonosov Prize in Science of Highest Degree ,
Public Award Economic Book 2022 for the monograph on the Strategy of Kuzbass in nine volumes ,
State Award of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Achievements in Science and Technology for the scientific monograph on the Strategic Leadership of Amir Timur: Comments on the Code ,
Holder of the Order of Alexander Nevsky for Contribution to Scientific Research and Education
  1. employee Lomonosov Moscow State University , The Moscow School of Economics, The Chair of Economic and Financial Strategy , Head of chair ,
  • Journal "Strategizing: Theory and Practice" — editor-in-chief, responsible person
Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation
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