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Achieving the strategic goals of the Russian Federation for preserving the population and ensuring the health and well-being of people requires an effective health care system that can provide necessary medical services and technologies and systematically train residents in healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. This necessitates a transition to patient-oriented medicine based on strategizing, which will ensure the coordination of federal, departmental and regional programs aimed at improving the medical care quality and the population health. The article analyses legislative, regulatory, organizational documents and statistical data at the federal, regional and departmental levels. The authors perform analysis of healthcare statistical indicators in the Siberian Federal District and its subjects in dynamics; OTSW analysis on the strategizing methodology; comparative analysis of long-term healthcare development goals. The expediency of applying strategic planning and management in the transition to patient-oriented medicine is established; interrelations between strategies of different levels are discovered; region’s strategic objectives for the healthcare sector transformation and the conditions for their implementation effectiveness are defined. The authors consider possibilities of implementing a strategy for the patient-oriented medicine development in Kuzbass on the basis of region’s strengths, identify the threats and risks of not achieving strategic objectives and formulate the proposals for their reduction. The article confirms the importance of strategies’ coherence and proactivity within the appropriate priorities; argues the potential for the patient-oriented medicine development in Kuzbass.

patient-oriented medicine, strategizing, strategizing methodology, strategic objectives, medicine development, OTSW-analysis
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