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Abstract (English):
The study of the national media market is particularly relevant because it is heavily influenced by political, information and production risks. Accumulating significant material, labor and information resources, the media market requires an analysis of the current state, trends and development prospects. The scientific works present the media business theory and its key concepts as well as, a new scientific direction media economics that studies economic laws in relation to the media business. However, there is still no single methodology for assessing the state of the media market, including regional. The markets of individual segments are mainly analyzed, for example, the television industry, online advertising, etc. In 2023 the national media market experienced an upsurge after the crisis of 2022, primarily due to the advertising market; it was influenced by such factors as the development of e-commerce, the emergence of new brands and promotion channels, digitalization, convergence and diversification. In addition to macroeconomic factors, the development of the regional media market is also influenced by regional factors due to the socio-economic development of the region. The analysis of the main socio-economic development trends of the Kemerovo region – Kuzbass uncovered the factors influencing the media market: demographic factor, agglomeration effect (North and South Kuzbass agglomerations), industrial production and its location income of the population. The analysis of the regional media market made it possible to assess organizations working in the field of information and communications, to draw conclusions about the predominant development of the advertising market, including outdoor advertising, and to determine the distribution of radio and the place of the Kuzbass Media Group in the market.

media industry, dual media market, media product, online advertising, media holding, e-commerce
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