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The ongoing integration of four new regions admitted into the Russian Federation in 2022 resulted in a political and legal separation from foreign influence. As a result, the role of political parties as participants in the political process has increased. Political parties possess multifaceted competencies, but the most relevant approach is the one that consolidates their rights for the purpose of systematic implementation. This article introduces the concept of the right to political struggle as a single comprehensive right of political parties. The research featured constitutional and legal documents that determine the status of political parties, as well as related doctrinal studies. The research objective was to develop a theoretical and legal justification for vesting political parties with the right to political struggle. The other goal was to determine the legal nature and content of this right in the legal science. The interdisciplinary approach involved the methods of politics, sociology, and military law to determine the legal content of political struggle. Other methods included formal logic and systemic analysis of legal phenomena, the formal legal method, and the historical-legal method. The resulting concept of the right to political struggle implemented by political parties covered the rights to participate in elections and referendums, to shape and express the political will of citizens, and to participate in the activities of public authorities. The new approach can be of theoretical importance for further studies of political parties.

political parties, political struggle, interdisciplinary approach, power relations, participation in elections, people's representation
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