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Patriotic upbringing is an inherent part of preschool education. However, its efficiency is extremely difficult to measure. This article introduces an authentic approach to assessing the results of patriotic education in preschool children. The method was tested as part of an innovative project on the prospects of STEM-education, which integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The experiment was supervised by the Federal Institute of Modern Education and covered 64 education institutions in 22 cities and 10 villages of the Russian Federation. It involved children aged 5–7 y.o. Their patriotism was measured quantitatively based on the structural content of this phenomenon. The measurement intervals of the cumulative index were determined for three levels of patriotic orientation in children aged 5–6 and 6–7 y.o. The qualitative analysis relied on a creative task where children were asked to draw a picture of Motherland Russia. The new method demonstrates good pedagogical, methodological, and educational prospects.

diagnostics, preschool age, operationalization, level scales, stating study, promoting patriotism, Motherland
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