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The modern development period features, as well as the specific conditions of functioning and development of industrial enterprises require more advanced approaches to the managers’ leadership qualities analysis. Currently, the issue of assessing leadership qualities and the influence of leadership on the performance indicators of the enterprise remains relevant. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the methodological sequence of leadership assessment in the personnel management system of industrial enterprises, contributing to their effective operation. The development and implementation of such a methodological approach at an industrial enterprise will provide answers to topical issues of the formation and influence of leadership on the innovative, technological, and socio-economic development of an industrial enterprise. Based on the analysis, the article examines the relevance and shortcomings of existing methods for assessing leadership in industrial enterprises. The authors determine the indicators of leadership assessment and reveal the features of leadership assessment; substantiate methodological sequence of leadership assessment in the personnel management system of industrial enterprises. The authors conclude that the leadership formation and its use should be assessed. In the process of forming a methodology for assessing leadership, it is important to evaluate its impact on achieving the main innovative, technological, and socio-economic guidelines of the enterprise.

leadership, leadership skills, leadership assessment, industrial enterprise, leader, methodical sequence
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