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Advertising remains the most effective tool of marketing communication. Advertising can create an attractive public image for a company by promoting its achievements and efforts to satisfy customer needs. This research featured the potential of social media marketing and a system for strategic management of advertising activities in social networks that could develop this potential. The authors appealed to the theory of strategy and the methodology of strategizing developed by Professor V.L. Kvint in an attempt to describe the core elements of the social media marketing system and their strategic management. Other research methods involved standard analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalization, and scientific abstraction. The study made it possible to draw the following conclusions. A well-structured strategy takes into account the interests of the manufacturer (seller) and consumer (buyer). It relies on planning, motivation, monitoring, and control over the achievability of strategic management goals. Such a strategy can increase the effectiveness of social media marketing. The methodology proposed by V.L. Kvint makes it possible to navigate a social media marketing project through all its stages.

strategic management, advertising, social networks, online community, marketing
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