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Political and economic uncertainty affects the population’s capability to save and invest funds, partially determines their goals. The authors explore different aspects of modern investment. The purpose is to determine the trends of the portfolio investment market development in the Russian Federation to form a behavior model of a private investor in modern economic conditions. The researchers studied the portfolio investment market development in 2019–2021, identified the main reasons for the increased popularity of investment, examined some trends in the portfolio investment market, and studied the dynamics of the brokerage services clients’ number and the number of trust management accounts. The dynamics and causes of changes in the private investors’ individual investment accounts number and their structure are considered. The volume of exchange transactions carried out by professional participants in various markets has been studied, the impact of panic and certain periods of volatility on investor behavior has been determined. Research shows that the mass entry of private investors into the stock market is influenced by the marketing component of brokers’ activities in attracting new clients.

investments, stock exchange, brokerage account, individual investment account, exchange business, securities
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