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The Russian Federation as a welfare state has to guarantee social protection for certain target groups, one of which is orphans. Housing rights of orphans are central in the complex of social rights, but the problem of inability to secure housing for orphans remains unresolved. The purpose of the study is to analyze how the housing rights of orphans are realized in the judicial practice, to identify the causes of violations of legislation and to develop recommendations for its improvement. The article uses a neoinstitutional approach that allows to analyze the practice of implementing housing rights of orphans and the problems faced by orphans in the implementation of their housing rights. The study identifies the most frequent violations of the housing rights of orphans, considers the court decisions, and formulates recommendations for improving the normative acts regulating the housing rights of orphans.

orphans, social policy, housing rights, legal guarantees, judicial practice, rental housing, rights violations, specialized housing stock, housing certificate
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