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The article considers political culture of the national regions in Russia as part of the all-Russian political culture. The authors examine existing typologies of political culture as a scientific tool for the study of national regions. The goal is to identify typologies applicable to the analysis of regional political culture and capable of explaining the dynamics of the national regions’ development. The methods used are systematic, comparative, and typological approach, G. Almond and S. Verba’s explanatory scientific paradigm of the political culture. The parochial-subject type of political culture, which combines clan values with passive political participation, reflects the modern socio-political reality in national regions. The political culture of national regions develops based on the peculiarities of Russian statehood. Among the modern political culture typologies, most suitable for the study of national regions are G. Almond and S. Verba’s parochial-subject type of political culture as well as W. Rosenbaum’s integrated political culture type.

political culture, political culture of national regions, classification of political culture, region, culture, values
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