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Corporate websites play an important role in cultivating the image of a successful law firm. The authors analyzed the website of Zhorin and Partners Bar Association, Moscow, to verify this hypothesis. Various structural elements were responsible for highlighting particular features of the firm and its employees, e.g., professionalism, success, high profile, etc. The site proved to be interactive and demonstrated an admirable ratio of static and dynamic content. The analysis revealed five strategies of positive image cultivation: the firm was described as accredited, authoritative, successful, and prestigious, sometimes in an exaggerated way. Each strategy had its own language means. The website of Zhorin and Partners demonstrated an elaborate structure, a well-structured content, a high-quality linguistic design, and a variety of communication strategies. All the elements of the website contributed to a positive image of the law firm and its public promotion.

corporate website, corporate discourse, law firm, communication strategy, image, reputation
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