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Additional income tax depends on the financial result, not on the gross production indicators, as is the case of the mineral extraction tax. The authors described the advantages and disadvantages of the new fiscal regime of additional income tax and calculated it for the oil producing company Udmurtneft JSC. They also assessed the operation efficiency for the Arkhangelsk oil field under two fiscal regimes and concluded that the transition could eventually reduce the tax burden for the company. The article introduces a new model for efficient mineral extraction during transition to the additional income tax regime. The model provides economic efficiency through such indicators as taxable profit, net profit, capital investments, net cash flow, and new present value. A stress analysis revealed various factors that affect the tax value, i.e., the dependence of the new present value on the production level under two fiscal regimes, the management system complex, unit costs per 1 well and 1 ton of oil, the production level and specific costs for 1 well and 1 ton of oil, etc. The efficiency calculations and stress tests showed that the proposed model can be used to control the value of various indicators to achieve optimal new present values. Switching to profit-based tax was found feasible in terms of economic indicators: a higher new present value, a lower tax burden, and more profit, even with increasing costs.

oil and gas companies, fiscal regime, efficient exploitation of fields, taxation systems, tax burden, economic efficiency
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