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The advertising ethics appeared together with advertising itself. The legislative and public regulation of advertising is centuries old, but the ethical issues still remain acute all over the world. In the Russian Federation, these problems are more pronounced than elsewhere because domestic advertising started to develop only after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In thirty years, Russian advertising had to cover the distance which developed countries needed a century to cover. The research featured controversial advertising messages that caused indignation of both Russian citizens and public or commercial organizations. The article introduces a comparative analysis of the ethical assessments of controversial advertising messages made by consumers and experts from self-regulatory organizations in advertising. It also describes the history of the Russian advertising market, various violations of the Advertising Law, the concept of unethical advertising, and the procedures for controversial advertising in the Russian Federation. The authors proposed some self-regulation measures, e.g., public control, education activities, pre-publication expert examination, etc.

advertising, advertising ethics, unethical advertising, advertising self-regulation, advertising expertise
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