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Abstract (English):
New mass media engage the medical community in digital communication and transform professional discourse by expanding the communicative interaction and creating new discursive practices. The paper introduces the discursive specifics of the professional communication of doctors in medical blogs on social networks. The research relied on the methodology of critical discursive analysis. Medical blogs focus on professional and personal self-presentation. The communicative interaction between the doctor and the patient via a medical blog remains within the framework of status-role institutional communication and reproduces the existing order of medical discourse. On-line medical communication produces media texts of various genres of medical, media, marketing, and personality-oriented discourses, forming a hybrid discursive area at the junction of medical discourse and media discourse. The digital mode of professional communication transforms the strategies of medical discourse and creates new ones. New discursive practices blur the boundaries of medical discourse. Internet environment affects the communicative behavior within the medical community.

Internet communication, social network, medical communication, media discourse, media communication, discursive practice, professional discourse
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