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Abstract (English):
The article addresses the issue of increasing the international competitiveness of regional universities and identifies the main impact factors from the perspective of the current internationalization and digitalization of the global academic space. The new approach relies on both social and digital marketing tools to streamline the relationship between universities and target audiences, including foreign ones. The international competitiveness of regional universities depends on the following aspects: internationalization strategy, international academic ratings, innovative research centers and their role in the local academic process, joint curriculum programs, high-quality teaching material, technical, social and cultural infrastructure, etc. The paper contains some recommendations for university management and regional authorities on how to develop the promotion system of regional universities. The proposed measures include cooperation with foreign partners from the countries of greatest economic and geopolitical interest. Another tool is an advanced promotion system for regional education services in the context of regional brand promotion strategy, including digital marketing. The new model of university management can increase the efficiency of international activities of the regional socio-economic system.

regional university, promotion of educational services, international competitiveness, global educational space, internationalization of education, digitalization of education
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