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Abstract (English):
The paper introduces a new economic scenario-based Excel model of the strategic development of a commercial organization. The method solves such problems as short-term focus, poor strategic goals, and the complexity of a comprehensive economic analysis of corporate financial and economic activities. The research featured the methodological tools for evaluating the financial and economic performance of a commercial organization, as well as ways to optimize it. The authors used various methods of experimental and theoretical analysis, as well as the current legislative and subordinate regulatory legal acts, academic editions, and research publications on complex economic analysis, analysis of financial and economic corporate performance, reserve analysis, step out analysis, etc. The new model is based on a general performance indicator that includes twenty performance indicators. The model was experimentally tested at Stroyrezultat LLC and proved to be effective and user-friendly.

strategic analysis, economic growth, performance evaluation, commercial organization, complex economic analysis, scenario approach, automated model
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