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Abstract (English):
The performance assessment of the Russian regional executive authorities is an important performance management tool that measures the progress the regions make in improving the quality of life. The research objective was to characterize the performance assessment of the executive authorities in Russian regions as a performance management tool. The authors studied the Quality of Life Rating 2019, which determined the differences between regions in this parameter. The research methods included statistical data analysis, correlation analysis, difference analysis, and variance analysis. The system of the performance assessment proved to be of limited effectiveness because it is still forming: the quality of life of the population in the regions depends on the size of the grant. The current performance assessment system confuses the concepts of performance and effectiveness and lacks clear criteria for the performance of the executive authorities. The regions are unable to influence the assessment indicators, the results of which are not transparent enough. Therefore, the performance assessment of the regional executive authorities needs to be improved as a performance management tool in theoretical and applied aspects.

performance management, performance assessment, grant incentives, executive authorities, subjects of the Russian Federation, quality of life, socio-economic difference, statistical analysis
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