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The article features the cultural approach as a tool for building up integral education environment. It systematizes various culturological approaches as a multidimensional phenomenon based on certain value universals. The culturological approach acts as an important, essential, and multifaceted modeling tool that provides effective solutions. Education environment of a preschool educational organization should be value-based. The article introduces a model for mastering cultural universals by preschoolers in preschool education environment. Cultural approach is a tool for modeling education environment. It is a method for developing cultural, material, and spiritual values by immersing the children into the cultural space and adapting them to the technical, informational, didactic, and aesthetic resources of the pre-school organization. The content of the model components in a systemic construction should be based on the ideological relationship between various values. The authors believe that the culturological approach is an effective tool for organizing the cultural environment of an educational organization that ensures the development of values and personality.

cultural approach, core value, cultural universals, modeling, spatial environment, education environment
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