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Introduction. The socio-economic development of the Far East is a complex and long-term issue. It requires new priorities and prospective areas. The local gas industry can become such a development driver. It can trigger a breakthrough in the socio-economic development of the macroregion, but it needs large-scale strategic priorities and projects. The export of pipeline and compressed natural gas is one of such strategic directions. However, the region has to look for other prospective directions. The research objective was to define and substantiate such strategic opportunities for the development of the Far Eastern gas industry. Study objects and methods. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study relied on certain methodological provisions of industrial strategizing, e.g. OTSW analysis, which proved to be an effective tool for monitoring and justifying strategic opportunities. Results and discussion. The author identified strategic opportunities for the development of the Far East gas industry and came up with two strategic directions: 1) gasification of the Far East regions and 2) development of gas processing and gas chemistry production in the Far East. Conclusion. Further formation and implementation of strategic priorities in these areas will improve the gas industry in the Far East in the long run, while providing a multiplicative impulse of socio-economic development of the entire macroregion.

strategy, industrial strategizing, gas industry, Far East, gasification, gas processing and gas-chemistry
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