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Introduction. Modern libraries do their best to increase public access to relevant information and knowledge with the help of modern digital technologies. Libraries supported by national governments and international non-governmental organizations provide the development of all sectors of society. Therefore, new opportunities for libraries are an important strategic task both for the state and the libraries themselves. The current global practices of diversifying library activities proved quite effective as they meet the challenges of digitalization and experience economy. However, they should be implemented with respect to the national specifics of the domestic library system. Study objects and methods. The present research was based on the theory and methodology of strategizing developed by V.L. Kvint, Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Honored Worker of the Higher School of the Russian Federation. His scientific theses have been successfully implemented in a number of regional and sectoral strategies. According to the general methodology of strategizing, any search for new opportunities should be preceded by a detailed analysis of global, sectoral, and regional trends. Results and discussion. The present strategic analysis of trends and forecasts for the library industry development in Russia and worldwide revealed a number of unique opportunities, which allow libraries to fit into the life of modern society and endow them with such socially significant functions as education, enlightenment, and promotion of cultural and moral values among young readers. However, the window of opportunities is always short-lived: the libraries should seize the moment to ensure their systematic and progressive development, which is possible only through the development of an effective strategy. Conclusion. The article introduces unique strategic opportunities for the development of the library system in Russia. The authors analyzed the best practices applied by famous libraries in their search for new roles and the domestic library industry in order to determine the strategic directions for the library development in the era of digitalization and experience economy.

strategy, Russian library system, digitalization, experience economy, strategic opportunities, creative economy
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