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The present research featured various ways to increase the investment attractiveness of regions, realize the potential of their development strategies, and assess the resource provision of their strategic priorities. The limited resources and ever-growing interregional competition mean that regions strive to increase their competitiveness and attract the missing resources. The paper introduces a new approach to the problem: the factors of economic development of regions should be divided into basic and mobile. These two groups are to be analyzed for the level of provision of the regional strategic development. Such approach can help local authorities to attract resources and implement the sustainability of the regional strategy, thus increasing the local strategic investment attractiveness and improving the quality of life in the region. Regional governments should select priorities that have a high potential for attracting mobile resources from other regions. The paper also contains an algorithm for analyzing the resource provision of strategic priorities.

strategizing, regional development strategies, regional strategic priorities, strategic investment attractiveness, resource provision of the strategy, interregional competition
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