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The research objective was to substantiate the concept of sports law as an independent branch of Russian law. Using the induction method, the authors analyzed the general approaches to understanding any branch of law. They believe that, at the present stage, sports law can be considered a complex branch of law. The systemic-structural method made it possible to present sports law not only through its subject and method, but also through sources, principles, and other attributes. Some of the positions expressed in the scientific publications were questioned by the methods of critical analysis. They used the comparative legal method to analyze the positive foreign experience. As a result, they obtained an authentic concept of sports law. They also defined the groups of social relations, their general characteristics, interpretation method, the concept of sports legal relations, etc. The field of sports legislation needs legal codification. A Sports Code of the Russian Federation would be a logical solution to the problem. It should unite the positive experience of foreign countries. Sports law is a complex branch of Russian law. Its subject is relations in the field of physical culture and sports. This branch of law uses both dispositive and imperative methods. The newly developed system of sources of sports law requires systematization, improvement, and legal codification. The results obtained can be used to expand the scientific understanding of sports law and as a material for lawmaking.

physical culture, sports, sports legal relations, sports code, sources of sports law, subjects of sports legal relations
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