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he present research considered the property rights of minors by comparing civil and family legislation. The article covers various matters of separate ownership of parents and children, property management, and the behavior of parents, as well as sectoral and inter-sectoral legal relations as a whole based on family relations. The research was based on normative legal acts, scientific publications, and precedents. Family law regulates the property relations between parents and children regarding the maintenance and personal belongings. Any other property rights of minors fixed by the Family Code go beyond the limits of family law and are part of civil law. The basis of civil property relations of minors is the family relations. Therefore, they have to take into account social and legal relations between parents and children. A prerequisite for the emergence and implementation of property relations is the organizational relations that arise between the subjects of private and public law. Authorization by the guardianship authority ensures the protection of the property rights and interests of children. The regulation of property relations involving minors and their legal representatives is subject to inter-sectoral and inter-subject interaction, which must be taken into account when implementing the rights of minors and protecting them.

property rights, property management, parental behavior, organizational legal relationship, guardianship and trusteeship authority, interests, good faith, reasonableness
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