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Abstract (English):
The research featured the intellectual abilities of teenagers with different levels of stress resistance. The research objective was to describe the options for intellectual development of secondary school students depending on their stress resistance level. The authors reviewed various approaches to intellectual development of younger adolescents. They proposed a set of assessment techniques for the level of mental development. The research revealed the effect of stress resistance on the intellectual abilities of teenagers. Teenagers with a low level of stress resistance were excitable and careless, while demonstrating tender conscience and poor analytical and verbal skills. Respondents with a high level of stress showed a low level of excitability and conscientiousness, a high level of carelessness, a good ability to establish analogies, and admirable verbal abilities. The paper contains some useful recommendations for teachers and parents on the development of teenagers' intellectual skills based on their level of stress resistance.

psychological profile of students, stress, emotional stability, opportunities, diagnostic tools, individual psychological characteristics
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