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Russians still see national agriculture as a rearguard branch of the economy associated with stagnation and inefficiency. However, the agriculture has undergone significant positive changes over the past decade as a result of large-scale state support programs, import substitution policy, food embargo, depreciation of the ruble, etc. Russian agriculture requires a comprehensive assessment of its current state and position in the global agricultural market. Based on statistical and comparative analyses, the authors assessed the current state of Russian agriculture, as well as showed its place in the national economy and the country's position on the global agricultural market. The research revealed the vector of these changes in 2000–2018 and the main problems of the agricultural development at the present stage. A SWOT analysis shows that Russia has overcome the crisis in the transition to the market economy; the main economic and financial indicators are getting better, together with the most important production segments. Russian agriculture improves as production volumes keep growing and profitability is increasing. The number of unprofitable enterprises has been reduced by half, and the share of individual farms has fallen.

Russian economy, agro-industrial complex, food security, efficiency of agricultural production, import substitution, Russia in the global agricultural market
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