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The research featured the urban environment quality index for single-industry towns and non-single-industry towns in 2018–2019. The research objective was to identify statistical differences between single-industry towns and other urban settlements in terms of the components and combined value of the urban environment quality index. The paper introduces several strategies for the development of the urban environment of single-industry towns based on the concept of sustainable development. The study employed statistical methods and Statistica 10 program. Based on parametric and nonparametric criteria, the author revealed statistical differences for such aspects as "green areas" and "public and business infrastructure" for 2018 and 2019, as well as calculated the combined value for 2019. The strategies described in the present paper can help to overcome the existing problems of single-industry towns and avoid repeating the mistakes made by government when implementing similar federal programs in the past. The study may be of interest for executive authorities, municipal authorities, and residents of single-industry urban settlements.

sustainable development of single-industry towns, urban environment quality index, public-business infrastructure, flagship enterprises, municipal development, urban space
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