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Trade and service industry was one of the first areas to go online. As a result, digital transformation has always been important for this sphere. The research objective was to assess the readiness of trade enterprises and service sector for digital transformation in the Kemerovo region based on questionnaire method. The study featured network companies, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs in the field of trade and services. The article covers several approaches to the definition of digital transformation and its key areas, i.e. customer-centered approach, partnership and collaboration, big data, innovations, digital value management, corporate and consumer digital culture, etc. Most enterprises saw digital transformation as a tool of efficiency improvement, not as a strategic activity. This was mostly typical of large network companies, with a few regional enterprises. Companies that deal with consumer goods showed the best results in digital transformation. The market of trade and services in has low data transparency. Most companies demonstrated a poor use of digital technology. On the other hand, consumers of trade and service industry showed a high degree readiness for digital transformations. Development of Internet marketing and digital technologies suggests that digital transformation is bound to become a tool of competitive growth.

digitalization, competitiveness, Internet marketing, value management, digital culture, strategic priorities
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