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The article considers the issues of attracting expats to Russia. They were first employed in insurance management in the 1990s. The process was connected with the formation of market relations and the need to attract qualified foreign specialists. Employing expats has several advantages, e.g. advanced business technologies, improving the image of enterprises, personnel training, etc. However, attracting expats has a number of drawbacks, such as the costs associated with remuneration, family support, and extra bonuses. Employing expats has not found wide application in insurance management, since insurance markets vary significantly in institutional and industrial aspects. The automatic transfer of foreign business technologies is limited by legislation, as well as by cultural and historical traditions of Russia. The research objective was to evaluate the activities of expats in Russia, to identify the positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon both for the expats themselves and the country that attracted them, and to justify the limitations of their involvement in insurance management. The research featured the phenomenon of expats in labor markets and their activities in the Russian insurance market. The study revealed the problems associated with the insurance market of the Russian Federation, as well as some options for attracting expats to the Russian insurance management.

insurance market, insurance company, foreign worker, assimilation, foreign companies, Russian companies
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