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The fundamental and applied value of strategic planning is in the formation of technologies for the long-term development of organizations based on the existing trends and business environment. Modern healthcare institutions are to use the best domestic and foreign practices in order to provide high-quality medical services, achieve strategic goals, and develop healthcare industry. The research objective was to share experience in strategic planning of a medical research organization. The authors used methods of analysis, synthesis, generalization, and abstraction, as well as elements of system analysis, to formalize the process of strategic management. The article describes the strategic planning conducted at the Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases (Kemerovo, Russia). Strategic planning is a process of setting key goals and maintaining the strategic potential of changing requirements for Russian scientific and medical organizations. The described experience is unique in that the strategic planning is organizationally and functionally integrated into the model of quality management system, which includes 14 processes grouped in several blocks. The Institute develops a road map for one or two years, which agrees the actions of the main stakeholders. In a scientific medical organization, the process of strategic goal setting is determined by the need to conduct research while simultaneously providing medical care. The authors believe that the described process can be implemented only after the existing strategic planning methods have been adapted to the specifics of the organization. At the present stage, strategic planning is the only way to formally predict future problems and opportunities for the development of medical research organizations.

quality management system, strategic map, strategic goals, responsibility matrix, strategic potential, mission and policy in the field of quality
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