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The research features integration of Russian economy into the model of sustainable development proposed by the United Nations Organization. The authors considered the main goals of sustainable development and their prospects in Russia. The paper focuses on the case of Kuzbass (Kemerovo region) as a typical resource-type mining region. The authors studied how the local authorities implement the sustainable development concept, solve demographic problems, preserve biodiversity, and protect forests. The research involved elements of systematic and integrated approach. The authors believe that the sustainable development of a mining region depends on the implementation of the best available technologies, energy efficiency, creating green spaces, and production safety. The research also featured the role of coal mining enterprises in the formation of the regional model of sustainable development and achieving the main target priorities of sustainable development in accordance with the UN Program. The article describes the roadmap of the sustainable development model for Russian territories, as well as regional national projects, e.g. digital platforms in coal mining and environmental protection. The authors emphasize the need for reclamation of disturbed lands by coal mining companies.

UN model of sustainable development of society, Kuzbass economy, ecology, biodiversity conservation, digitalization, land reclamation
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