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Intellectual property commercialization is one of the current ways of business capitalization. Using the process of commercialization of intangible assets, an enterprise receives both income and competitive advantage. The enterprise increases its market value as a participant of the intellectual property market since industrial intellectual property brings economic benefits, which increase together with its production volume. The present research featured a set of problematic aspects that level the effectiveness of the commercialization of new technologies at Russian enterprises. The research objective was to identify the main difficulties that enterprises face in the process of commercial implementation of industrial intellectual property. The author analyzed indicators that reflect the current practice of commercializing innovations in Russia. The article also focuses on the relationships between the entities participating in the commercialization process and the ways of their effective legal regulation. It contains a number of proposals to address the problems of commercialization of industrial intellectual property as a sphere of entrepreneurial activity in the context of Russian enterprises.

innovation process, competition, commercial result, intellectual property, state program, business capitalization
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