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The research featured technologies of sales and promotion of products on the B2B market. B2B is a model of e-business. It is associated with establishment of contacts and business relationships between independent business entities. The research objective was to identify trends in the use of the e-business model for transactions on the Russian market. The study involved an analysis of objective factors and trends in the development of the economy, as well as the features of the B2B market. The obtained results allowed the authors to formulate new strategic directions for Russian companies in the development of online sales. A content analysis of related studies, together with sociological methods, we made it possible to reveal the great importance of e-transactions for the development of modern business. Unfortunately, they are limited in scale by the consequences of the economic crisis, sanctions, reduced consumer demand, and growing competition. The development of this e-business model is affected by Internet technologies, which ultimately leads to the digitalization of the global and domestic economy. Due to the rapid spread of digital technologies, most Russian companies do not have time to adapt to new conditions and experience difficulties in forming strategies for promoting their product on the Internet. Unqualified choice of promotion tools does not allow companies to achieve the planned conversion: they lose clients and thus underestimate the advantages of e-sales. The conservatism of management prevents companies from using global benefits of e-business. Therefore, it is imperative to develop and improve strategies and operational tactical decisions in the organization of B2B sales, e.g. in a more effective use of promotion tools based on the specifics of the market organizations. The article considers the main tendencies of development of foreign and domestic e-business. The authors estimated growth projections of Internet sales in Russia and specifics of the B2B market, including characteristics of consumer demand formation, behavior of the organizations-buyers compared to the consumer market. The paper also outlines the problems of e-platforms and describes a system of tools of product promotion in the B2B sector. As a solution to business problems on theB2B markets, the authors propose a number of strategies to improve sales management in order to maintain the growth trends of domestic business in the near future.

B2B market, electronic business, Internet sales strategy, marketing tools on the B2B market, SEO-optimization, blogs, email, contextual advertising, personal branding, content marketing, media advertising, social networks
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