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All current business management trends and techniques are aimed at improving the efficiency of personnel management. Traditionally, the main indicators of staff performance assessment are those of workforce productivity. According to labor productivity, Russia ranks 36th. This situation is caused by many factors, including poor management functions in the organization of staff work, i.e. planning, organization, motivation, and control. The research involved monitoring ordinary employees in situations when their managers had questions related to low productivity. Despite the digitalization of all economic sectors, the motion study still remains an objective and reliable tool that helps to understand work organization, as well as to explain low productivity and poor time utilization. The research objective was to analyze the results of the motion study conducted in two organizations, a self-regulatory construction firm and a large food production company. The authors analyzed the time management of the employees by using the motion study method. Therefore, the article presents the results of two projects implemented in different scale and industry organizations to identify the loss of working time and the causes of low productivity. They showed that the main cause of low efficiency, regardless of the size of the business, remains the poor management, especially planning and control.

labor organization, loss of working time, labor productivity, labor efficiency, personnel management, working day, labor efficiency
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