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Abstract (English):
The relevance of the study is determined by the need for digital transformation of oil and gas companies, which is a key success factor in the current economic and geopolitical situation. The desire of oil and gas companies to increase the economic and operational efficiency of their activities makes it appropriate to introduce digital solutions, in particular artificial intelligence technologies. In this regard, the research objective was to study issues related to the use of modern information and communication technologies, in particular, artificial intelligence technologies in the Human Resourse (HR) management of oil and gas companies. The authors used systematic approach, which allowed them to fully review and consolidate such diverse elements as artificial intelligence technologies, oil and gas companies, and HR management. The article reveals the concept of artificial intelligence, identifies its advantages and disadvantages, and shows the main directions of its application in HR management. It also focuses on the main solutions for the largest software development companies with elements of artificial intelligence and gives practical examples of their current use by various companies. The research proved that artificial intelligence technologies, despite their shortcomings, generally have a positive impact on the functioning of the HR management system of oil and gas companies and increase its effectiveness. The materials can help oil and gas companies to improve their HR management system.

management, information and communication technologies, digitalization, digital transformation, Veriato, SAP
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