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Of all the types of economic activity, industry and agriculture are considered the backbone macro industries. As a result, the development of the national and regional economies depends on their state and dynamics. Domestic macroeconomic and political conditions are such that the priorities and development trends of the country's industry as a whole, as well as of individual Russian regions, are predetermined mainly by the interests of business structures, since it is through these resources that the majority of investment and innovation projects are realized. At the same time, it is the state that creates the institutional conditions and develops the industrial development strategy. The paper covers the main current trends in the development of the industry of the Republic of Buryatia. The study featured the sectoral structure of gross value added for 2014–2016 and the leading industries of the republic. The research also included the indices of industrial production in Russia and the regions of the Siberian Federal District for 2015-2017 followed by their comparative analysis. The analysis involved the volume and the sectoral structure of the shipped industrial goods, works, and services produced by the region’s own forces in 2017. The author suggests some directions of further development taking into account the current challenges.

industrial production, region, enterprise, gross regional product
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