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The research featured the theoretical and methodical aspects of enterprise sustainability management. The research objective was to develop a mechanism for managing the sustainability of the enterprise. The system-process approach allowed the authors to prove the relevance of sustainability management mechanism for businesses. The paper describes the elements of this mechanism, the essence of their interaction, and the conceptual bases that outline the contours of sustainability for socio-economic development of contemporary enterprises. Sustainability must be managed, which means that the main development factors are to be identified, all subsystems of the enterprise should function normally, the changes must be consistent, and the actual development process should approach the planned one. The primary task of the company's management is to create conditions for the sustainability of the socio-economic development of the enterprise. The formulae of the development strategy and the subsequent action plan for its implementation are based on the idea of the development concept. The idea substantially reveals the fundamental provisions on the development directions, outlines their desired trajectory, and sets out a milestone scenario for the development of the enterprise. The concept of sustainability development is designed to consolidate the provisions for the successful achievement of the goals and allocate the main factors of successful movement in the preplanned direction. The developed provisions for the sustainability management mechanism reveal a technology that makes it possible to implement a complex of interrelated and interdependent action. The technology facilitates the transition from the initial goal (optimization of the development) to the final goal (achievement of strategic development goals). It includes two closely related parallel processes. The first is the management of the enterprise and its development taking into account the planned strategic positioning in the business environment. The second is a complex of technological management actions of a provisional nature that guarantees the progress along the development trajectory and the achievement of the development goals.

concept of development, conceptual basis, the concept of sustainability development, strategic management, ensuring sustainability, enterprise management
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