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The paper features lead technology, or lead management, in Internet marketing. The research objective was to identify the essence and prospects of lead management development. The author offers an algorithm of actions that can help to achieve the planned sales effect. A content analysis of publications, author’s own observation, and sociological methods helped to identify the high importance of Internet marketing in modern conditions. Competition in the market of industrial goods is increasing, as is the speed of Internet search. In addition, more and more companies duplicate their activities on the Internet. Meanwhile, the powerful development of Internet technologies has triggered problems in the Internet promotion of products and services. Due to the growing number of network users, the struggle for potential buyers is as acute in the Internet as in the real world. Moreover, a large number of entrepreneurs underestimate Internet marketing as a channel of product promotion and thus lose a market share. As a result, there is a growing need to improve Internet technologies for customer management, their number, and demand. The author believes lead management to be a perfect technology for that purpose. The article describes the main conceptual approaches to the essence of leads, their types, features of their production, generation and conversion, algorithms of sequential actions for the formation of leads, and customer management, formulated the methodology of lead management. These technologies can result in a substantial base of loyal customers in Russian business. Lead management is becoming an objective reality of modern business and significantly increases the economic effect of Russian companies.

Internet marketing, lead, lead scoring, lead generation, conversion, lead magnets
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